"The Ammo Depot creates Ammo for your Ships to fire in battle!"


The Ammo Depot is used to create Shots that you can fire out of your Ship 's Cannons when you attack. As you upgrade the Ammo Depot, new Shots become available for construction.


Palace  Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Available 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Production Survivor Benefits Size
Ammo Shots Grunts 4 x 4


Level Health Cost SushiTH Upgrade Time Capacity Unlocked Ammo Palace Level
1 250 20,000 8 hours 2 Scatter Shot 3 Ammodepot1
2 300 250,000 1 day 3 Big Shot 4 Ammodepot2
3 350 500,000 3 days 4 Ice Shot 6 Ammodepot3
4 400 750,000 4 days 4 Heal Shot 7 Ammodepot4
5 450 1,250,000 7 days 4 On Fire Shot 8 AmmoDepot5

Beast ShotEdit

Beast Shot is also an Ammo Shot which can be produce at Training Ground. Beast Shot can damage other units but it has more(15 times) damage to Beasts. It is available to any level of Training Ground and it can be obtain and upgrade at Reward Shop using tokens.


  • Pipelining Because creating a shot takes a long period of time and a player often uses the same set of shots, the player can keep requesting the ammo shot to create shots up to the maximum of the build slots even if there is some shots on the ship(s). A drawback of this strategy is this reserves lots of sushi because a shot often costs more than ten thousands of shushi, however, this also prevents sushi from raids and sushi can be withdrawn by cancelling queued jobs.


When you create a Shot at the Ammo Depot, it is added to the Ammo Capacity of your Ships' cargo. It does not take up any Troop Capacity. You start with a base 2 Ammo slots. Each type of Shot has its own special features. See their own Wiki pages for details. You fire Shots during battle the same way that you would deploy troops, except that Shots are not restricted to deployment boundaries.

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