The Architect Hut is home to your Kingdom's Architects. The higher level it is the more Architects you will have available to your Kingdom. Each Architect can build or upgrade one building at a time.


  • Cost: Level Dependant
  • Health: Level Dependant
  • Size: 3x3
  • Stucture Type: Normal
  • Survivor Benefits: No
  • Special: Provides Architects to the Kingdom


As you level up your Architect Hut, you gain access to more Architects. Each Architect can be building or upgrading one building at a time, so if you have 2 Architects you can have up to 2 buildings being either built or upgraded simultaneously.

Level Architects Health Cost (Jade) Picture
1 1 200 Free
Architect hut lvl 1

Lvl 1 Architect Hut

2 2 238
Architect hut lvl 2

Lvl 2 Architect Hut

3 3 285
Skärmavbild 2014-02-07 kl. 22.01.04

Lvl 3 Architect Hut

4 4 380
Architect hut lvl 4

Lvl 4 Architect Hut

5 5 475
Architect hut lvl 5

Lvl 5 Architect Hut

Speed UpsEdit

The Pop-Up menu for the Architect Hut will display the current number of Speed Ups you have received from friends. There is no limit to how many speed ups you can have stored; however, you can only receive one Speed Up from each friend on your Social Center every 24 hours.

Speed Ups can be used to reduce the time it costs to build a building. Up to 3 Speed Ups can be used per building during construction. Additionally, 3 more Speed Ups can be used during each upgrade made to any building. These do not stack from one upgrade to the next.

Instant FinishEdit

Instant Finish

This Goldsmith is being upgraded. An instant finish would cost 240 Jade. 2 More Speed Ups could be used reducing 2h24m each.

You can pay your Architects Jade to instantly finish any construction or upgrade. The cost of the instant finish depends on the time remaining until the construction or upgrade is completed; the longer the time, the more costly the Instant Finish. Instant Finish can be used for any project that has a remaining time of 5 minutes or less for free. The cost of instantly finishing a project usually lies between 7 and 8 Jade per hour.

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