As Wall technology has advanced, the need for bigger and better Wall busters has grown as well. The Big Boomer rumbles towards the opposite side of the map, smashing through walls with an improved explosion radius that can damage multiple walls at once!

~ Info in the game, 2014-07-03

Information Edit

As verified on battle fields in 2014-07-11 UTC, each big boomer targets the palace instead the opposite side of the map (which is claimed by the in-game description), thus, it is observed that some player places his palace out of wall while encircles most/all of gold banks, sushi stores, and the jade mine within layers of wall.

  • It is unlocked from ninja tech at level 5 which needs level 9 palace
  • Big Boomers are just bigger version of ninja bombs with a lot more health, bigger explosion damage as well as a big explosive radius.
  • A level 1 big boomer can destroy up to 5 level 6 walls that deals full damage to all walls. ninja bombs deals less damage to surrounding walls

Stats Edit

  • Health:225/325
  • Damage: 50/60
  • Movement speed: 100
  • Ship slots: 5
  • Type: Melee
  • Bonus: 40x wall
  • Takes 10 minutes to build one


  • Big Boomers Level 2 upgrade requires a level 8 training ground which requires a level 10 palace.
  • Big Boomers have no research skills.
  • Big Boomers bomb face was drawn so that it looks confused. It looks better rather than a plain bomb and looks like a person.
  • Big Boomers have no noise when it is fully finished its training
  • Big Boomers can jump very high as well as not exploding when It jumped on the ship
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