Fiery demon mortar lvl 1

"The Fiery Demon Mortar lobs super powerful flaming projectiles that hit harder and have a bigger splash than any other mortar available!"


The Fiery Demon Mortar is a special limited edition Demon Mortar. Originally it can only be placed in your kingdom by purchasing it using real money. Currently it can be purchased in the Shop for 500 Jade

The Fiery Demon Mortar is the only offensive tower that cannot be upgraded (see "Levels").


Fiery Demon Mortar SUPER SALE!


  • Cost: 1 USD to purchase, 1 Gold to place in the Kingdom 500 Jade
  • Health: 500
  • Size:4x4
  • Damage: 70
  • Range: 6-14*
  • Target: Ground
  • Type: Splash
  • Structure Type: Defensive
  • Survivor Benefits? No * 1 Time Survived Ninja Unknow Or More.

*This means that any troop within 6 tiles (<6) cannot be targeted.



Health Damage Cost (Gold) Upgrade Time Palace Requirement Picture
1 500 70 1 USD 1 Gold

500 Jade


Fiery Demon Mortar

Level 1 Fiery Demon Mortar


Resistance to Ammo ShotsEdit

In 08-12-2014, it was observed twice that even three level 4 big shots (which should afflict 1125 damage points) could not destroy a fiery demon mortar and the mortar still had 70% - 80% health. This problem was filed as a bug (!&p=14774684#post14774684) and finally answered by a super moderator of the official "Bug Reporting" forum at 2014-08-14 02:29 UTC:

according to the team, this mortar should resist ammo shots. However, a bug appeared and ammo shots such as Big Shot can take them out. They release a fix recently so by game design, Demon Mortars should not not be destroyed by ammo shots alone.


The face looks like the ammo from the on fire shot with hands holding it

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