Gold bank lvl 12

"Gold Banks store your accumulated Gold."


The Gold Bank is where you store minted Gold Coins for later use. Gold Banks are the primary way to protect your Golds. Upgrading Gold Bank increases its capacity and durability against attacks.


Palace  Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Available 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 5 6 7 8
Structure Type Stores Survivor Benefits Size
Resource Gold Gold - 4 x 4


Level Health Cost Sushi Upgrade Time Capacity Palace Level
1 450 350 2m 2,000 1 Gold bank lvl 1
2 650 800 30m 4,000 2 Gold bank lvl 2
3 850 1,600 1H 7,000 2 Gold bank lvl 3
4 1,050 3,200 2H 13,000 3 Gold bank lvl 4
5 1,250 6,400 4H 26,000 3 Gold bank lvl 5
6 1,450 12,800 6H 52,000 3 Gold bank lvl 6
7 1,700 25,600 8H 100,000 4 Gold bank lvl 7
8 1,800 51,200 12H 250,000 4 Gold bank lvl 8
9 1,900 100,000 1D 500,000 5 Gold bank lvl 9
10 2,000 250,000 2D 1,000,000 6 Gold bank lvl 10
11 2,200 500,000 3D 2,000,000 8 Gold bank lvl 11
12 2,300 1,000,000 5D 3,000,000 12 Gold bank lvl 12


While Gold is minted at the Goldsmith, it is not usable until collected and stored in the Gold Banks or Palace. The Gold Banks provide considerably more storage capacity than the Palace does. Once in storage the Gold Coins can be used to fund anything that requires Gold Coins to purchase. While a Goldsmith can store a certain amount of (unusable) Gold Coins, they have very little health and can be easily raided. A Gold Bank has a large amount of health and can protect against raids much better. You cannot store more Gold Coins than your Gold Banks and Palace have capacity for. If you in some way obtain more than this amount from quests or raiding other Kingdoms, the excess is lost. If this occurs with a quest, you will be asked if you want to discard the extra or claim your prize at another time. If you try to collect from a Goldsmith, the Gold Bank will be filled to capacity, and the remaining Gold Coins will remain in the Goldsmith to be collected at another time.


Gold Banks are Resource Buildings and are weak against Thieves. They receive 3x damage from attacking Thieves. They are auto-targeted by Thieves.

Defensive StrategiesEdit

Both Gold Banks and Sushi Storage are vital components of your Kingdom. 

  • Keeping them in your walls will prevent troops from getting to them directly. Defenses in range of troops near the storage will be able to take out troops to lessen the damage done to your Storage before they get through the [[Wall]s. 
  • Keep all defenses in range of your storage. This will prevent most troops from completely taking out your storage. 
  • Traps. This is a very feeble strategy that will only work once, but if you've been saving up a lot of gold and you really need it safe, the traps will come in handy.
  • Shields. After every battle that you lose, you will get a shield for a period of time depending on how badly you were raided. If you keep your town hall easily accessible, you will constantly get shields, which means you will get raided less. This is a common part of another strategy known as Farming.

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