Jade mine level 1
Jade Mine

Level 3 Jade Mine

Jade Mines use captured enemies from Pit Traps to mine one Jade per Worker every four hours!

~ In-game description, 2014-07-13

The Jade Mine is a jade building producing jades with the use of workers trapped in the Pit Trap You can ONLY collect jade when there is prisoners around You earn jade depending on Prisoners captured every 4 hours

Jade is the most expensive resource in the game because it can bought only by using real money. It is also the hardest to loot because you need to destroy the enemies' jade mine to loot 1 jade only. Although you can get jades by Leveling Up, by completing the Task and the Quest, by completing Single Player Campaign, by selling old star statue, reseting the Event Statue as refund and from top 50 Global and Top Clans Leader Board. You can also get jades from Emperor's Quest and sending enough troops to fulfill troop requests from friends (as checked in 2014-07-13, to earn 5 jade, a player need to send 250 troops in a week).

If your Jade Mine is destroyed, you will lose 1 Jade, as well as any prisoners you may have captured being freed to attack your kingdom.

Unlike other production building, the jade mine is not a preferred target of the Thief.


  • Cost: (See table below)
  • Health: (See table below)
  • Jade Storage:(See table below)
  • Size: 4x4
  • Structure Type: Production
  • Survivor Benefits: No
Level Health Crew Size Storage (Jade) Cost (Gold) Upgrade Time Palace Requirement Picture
1 500 3 3? 2,500 1D 3 JadeMine-Lvl1
2 525
25,000 2D 4 JM2
3 550
100,000 3D 5 Jade Mine
4 575
5 5 500,000 5D 6 Jade mine level 4
5 600
2,000,000 7D 7 JadeMine-Lvl5


  • The game will tell you to purchase pit traps when only a jade mine is purchased
  • 2 Big shots will instantly free prisoners which also take 1 jade.
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