"Masters of stealth, Ninjas seek out enemy defenses, scaling walls and remaining hidden until they attack or trigger a trap."


The ninja has two abilities: The first one is when it gets spawned it has the ability to hide making it undetectable by defenses and traps. The second one is the ability to jump over a wall, but can use it only once and it can jump over only one wall. If there is a wall after the first one or if there are two or more walls behind each other than the ninja will either attack the wall, change its path to the target, or proceed to another target instead. Both abilities however will be lost after the ninja launches its first attack.


Dojo Level
Attack Type Ship Slots Target
3 Melee 2 Defenses

Training TimeEdit

With Training Statue placed in your Kingdom, training Ninjas in your Dojo will take less time based on Training Statue Level.
Level Training Time Reduction Training Time
None None 60 seconds
Wood 2 % 58 seconds
Stone 5 % 57 seconds
Gold 8 % 55 seconds
Jade 12 % 52 seconds
Sapphire 16 % 50 seconds
Diamond 20 % 48 seconds


Level Health Damage Speed Training
Cost Sushi
Cost Sushi
Training Ground
Level Required
Upgrade Time
1 62 13 118 150 - - -
2 73 17 119 200 60,000 1 12 hours
3 89 21 120 250 250,000 3 2 days
4 102 24 122 300 850,000 5 4 days
5 110 27 123 350 2,250,000 7 6 days
6 116 30 ? ? ? 9 ?


Unlocking Ninja Skill increases its movement speed and immune to stun and freeze. Research Lab Required.

Ninja Speed: With Ninja Speed, stealthy Ninja Troops reach their targets 5-35% faster.
Level Lab Level
Cost Gold Upgrade Time Bonus Speed
1 1 50,000 2 hours 5%
2 1 100,000 4 hours 10%
3 2 300,000 12 hours 15%
4 2 600,000 1 day 20%
5 4 1,250,000 2 days 25%
6 5 2,000,000 3 days 30%
7 6 4,000,000 6 days 35%
Resistance: Ninjas trained in Resistance use their willpower to overcome stun and freezing effects.
Level Lab Level
Cost Gold Upgrade Time
1 4 2,000,000 3 days

Offensive StrategiesEdit

The ninja is one of the fastest troops that can currently be used. It also has defensive building priority. 

  • Ninja rush: Having an all ninja attack can be risky, because if a mortar takes out all the ninjas before they can finish taking out all the other defensive buildings, then you will have nothing left to raid with. Send in quick groups of 10 to 20 for the outer defense buildings. This will make sure that the opponent doesn't have any outer layer defense. Then send in a wave of around 30 ninjas to take out the rest. When all the defense buildings are down, the ninjas can take out everything else. This is a risky strategy if your ship spaces in very limited. 
  • Meat Shielding: Using a few Samurai before any other troops is a good strategy too. The Samurai will draw in all the attacks while the ninjas take out the defenses before the Samurai have been taken out. This is incredibly useful on mortars. Add in a few other troops, like Assassins to finish the job.
  • Line attack: Put a line of ninjas to defenses. If you put 22 ninjas, it will kill a defenses 50 health in 3 seconds

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