Ninja shot

"The Ninjas have found a way to sneak past the Kingdom's deploy zone by firing a platoon of ninja from the Ship's Cannon!"


Six Ninjas coming from Ship's Cannon, that's Ninja Shot. But for now not yet released.


Ammo Depot Level
Blast Radius Splash Damage Shots Per Slot
? 6 1 6

Training TimeEdit

With Training Statue placed in your Kingdom, creating Ninja Shot in your Ammo Depot will take less time based on Training Statue Level.
Level Training Time Reduction Training Time
None None 2 hours
Wood 2% 1 hour, 57 minutes & 36 seconds
Stone 5% 1 hour & 54 minutes
Gold 8% 1 hour, 50 minutes & 24 seconds
Jade 12% 1 hour, 45 minutes & 36 seconds


None for now!


None for now!

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