Pit Trap

Pit Trap

The Pit Trap is used to capture enemy troops. It is invisible to enemy troops once placed until it is triggered. It can capture any enemy ground troops except Ninja Bombs (see Destruction below). It opens when an enemy troop walks over it. Each Pit Trap has a capacity of 3 units, which is not altered by troop slot size (meaning it can always capture 3 ground units regardless of their size). Once triggered, the Pit Trap must be rearmed before the next battle in order to capture more troops.


  • Arming Cost: 2,500 Gold Coins
  • Size: 2x2
  • Range: Contact
  • Capacity: 3 Units
  • Target: Ground
  • Type: Single
  • Structure Type: Trap


Unlike other buildings, which have a Palace Level Requirement, the number of Pit Traps available to you is dependent on the level of your Jade Mine. You are given access to a new Pit Trap when your Jade Mine is Level 1, 2, and 4.



Three Captured Grunts laboring in a Jade Mine

The purpose of the Pit Trap is two-fold. The first is to reduce the number of attacking troops by capturing them. The second is to provide labor in the Jade Mine. When a ground unit is captured in the Pit Trap it is sent to the Jade Mine after the battle. The rate of jade production is dependent on the number of troops present at the Jade Mine and is equal to 1 jade/per Worker every 4 hours. Prisoners can be freed if the Jade Mine is destroyed in a battle. These freed prisoners then act like deployed troops for the opposing army. Pit traps CANNOT capture air troops/tanks/beasts/ninja bombs.


Pit Traps can be destroyed if they try to capture a Ninja Bomb. If destroyed, the Pit Trap loses any prisoners it has captured, and those prisoners are killed. The Pit Trap cannot capture any more troops until it is rearmed.

  • ninja bombs cannot destroy the trap if the pit trap has 3 prisoners.
  • Tanks can also destroy the pit trap without losing the tank


  • Pit traps cannot capture beasts since they are too big but can blow up other traps