Check icon Upgrade 2 Ships to Level 2

+15 Xp
+3,500 Sushi

Check icon Upgrade Assassin to Level 2

+30 Xp
+15,000 Sushi

Check icon Build 1 Jade Mine

+15 Xp
+1,000 Gold

Check icon Use Ninjas 150 times in one or more multiplayer battles

+15 Xp
+5,000 Sushi

Check icon Upgrade 2 Dragon Cannons to Level 4

+25 Xp
+7,500 Gold

Check icon Create 10 Scatter Shots

+15 Xp
+2,500 Gold

Check icon Loot 250,000 Gold in multiplayer battles

+30 Xp
+10 Jade

Check icon Upgrade 50 Walls to Level 3

+25 Xp
+25,000 Gold

Check icon Reach 400 Trophies

+50 Xp
+25 Jade

Check icon Defend your Kingdom 25 times

+30 Xp
+15 Jade

Total Task RewardsEdit

250 Xp 50 Jade 23,500 Sushi 36,000 Gold

Completion Grand RewardsEdit



You cannot repair the second Ship until your Palace is Level 3.

You gain Trophies by gaining at least 1 Star in a multiplayer battle, or by keeping an attacking opponent from gaining at least 1 Star when destroying your buildings. The more Stars you gain, the more trophies you will earn. The better your defenses, the better the chance that your buildings will not be destroyed. Destruction of a Palace always results in earning a Star. You only successfully defend your Kingdom in a battle if the opponent doesn't gain any Stars. For more tips on multiplayer battles and how to defend your Kingdom see the Combat section of the Wiki.

You ony loot Gold from attacking enemy Goldsmiths, Gold Banks, and Palace. Concentrate on these buildings to help earn the 250K Gold.

You are not required to use all 150 Ninjas in one battle. You can spread them out between multiple battles.

You must build a Training Ground in order to upgrade your Assassin to Level 2.

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