Check icon Build 2 Dojoes

+5 Xp
+250 Sushi

Check icon Upgrade Palace to Level 2

+15 Xp
+10 Jade

Check icon Rescue the Princess from the Evil Shogun

+25 Xp
+25 Jade

Check icon Train 75 Assassins

+10 Xp
+1,000 Sushi

Check icon Upgrade 1 Kunai Tower to Level 2

+15 Xp
+800 Gold

Check icon Earn 25 Stars in single player battles

+20 Xp
+5 Jade

Check icon Build 30 Walls

+10 Xp
+1,500 Gold

Check icon Upgrade 1 Goldsmith to Level 4

+20 Xp
+500 Sushi

Total Task RewardsEdit

120 Xp 40 Jade 1,750 Sushi 2,300 Gold

Completion Grand RewardsEdit



When Training Troops, each one adds to the counter. If it dies, the counter does not go backward. So, you do not have to train them all at once.

The Princess in locked in a Prison Tower on the 16th scenario of the Single Player Battles. You must destroy this Tower and gain at least 1 Star in the battle to rescue the Princess.

There are a total of 16 Single Player Battles with 3 Stars each to earn. This means there are a total of 48 Stars that can be gained, so you do not have to earn 3 Stars in every scenario, just most of them. If you discount completing each of the scenarios with at least 1 Star, you must only gain 9 secondary or tertiary stars.

Here's a video guide showing you how to beat each of the first 16 levels of the SinglePlayer-mode and rescue the Princess.

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