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IN-GAME DESCRIPTION: Tough and well armored, your Samurai bravely confront the deadliest defenses your enemies have to offer.


  1. Train 100 Samurais
    • +10 XP, +17,500 Sushi
  2. Use Samurais, 150 times in one or more multiplayer battles.
    • +10 XP, +22,500 Sushi
  3. Destroy 100 Demon Mortars in multiplayer battles.
    • +20 XP, +15,000 Gold
  4. Destroy 100 Sentry Bots in multiplayer battles.
    • +10 XP, +20,000 Sushi
  5. Use 20 Samurais in one multiplayer battle.
    • +10 XP, +3,500 Sushi
  6. Defeat 100 enemy Samurais.
    • +15 XP, +15,000 Gold
  7. Upgrade Samurai to level 2.
    • +15 XP, +25,000 Sushi


  • Goal Rewards Total: +90 XP, 30,000 Gold, 88,500 Sushi
  • Completion Reward: +80 XP, +40 Jade


  • You can use the 150 Samurais over any number of multiplayer battles, they do not all need to be used in one.
  • You do not have to destroy the Mortars or Sentry Bots with Samurais, any unit or method will do.
  • You MUST use at least 20 Samurais in one battle to gain one of the goals.
  • Samurais you defeat are only counted if they are attacking your Kingdom. You have very little control over when and how many Samurais are deployed against you, but you can add defenses to help improve your chances of killing them. You earn the kills even if you lose the battle. The kills during the tutorial or the Single-player Campaign do NOT count.
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