Check icon Upgrade 3 Ships to Level 9

+40 Xp
+30,000 Sushi

Check icon Upgrade Assassin to Level 5

+40 Xp
+18,000 Gold

Check icon Upgrade 1 Research Lab to Level 5

+40 Xp
+25 Jade

Check icon Use Thief, 1,500 times in one or more multiplayer battles

+40 Xp
+22,000 Gold

Check icon Upgrade 3 Kunai Towers to Level 10

+40 Xp
+19,000 Sushi

Check icon Upgrade 100 Walls to Level 6

+40 Xp
+12,000 Gold

Check icon Reach 1,500 Trophies

+40 Xp
+35 Jade

Check icon Use Big Shots, 50 times in one more more multiplayer battles

+40 Xp
+27,000 Gold

Check icon Loot 5,000,000 Gold in Multiplayer Battles

+40 Xp
+30 Jade

Check icon Upgrade Oni to Level 40

+40 Xp

Total Task RewardsEdit

400 Xp 90 Jade 82,000 Sushi 79,000 Gold

Completion Grand RewardsEdit


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