"The Rocket Launcher fires deadly Missiles at Air Troops."


The Rocket Launcher is the fourth defensive weapon you can place in your Kingdom. It has a Range of 0-13 titles, allowing it to shoot 2 spaces further than the basic Kunai Tower. It shoots like a homing device.

The Rocket launcher  has more health and power than Dragon Cannon, Kunai Tower and Demon Mortar, but it only attacks flying units.


Palace  Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Available 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 3 3 4 4 4
Structure Type Normal Range Damage Type Targets Survivor Benefits Size
Defense 0 - 13 Splash Air None 3 x 3
Level Health Damage Cost Gold Upgrade Time Palace Level
1 550 78 375,000 2 days 5 RocketLauncher-Lvl1
2 600 108 1,000,000 3 days 6 RocketLauncher-Lvl2
3 750 128 1,500,000 4 days 7 RocketLauncher-Lvl3
4 800 148 2,000,000 5 days 8 RocketLauncher-Lvl4
5 850 173 2,500,000 6 days 9 RocketLauncher-Lvl5
6 900 198 3,000,000 8 days 10 Rocket launcher lvl 6
7 950 223 4,000,000 10 days 10 Rocketlauncher6


Unlocking Rocket Launcher Skill reduces damage from enemy ship Ammo and deals extra damage to enemy Ice Demon. Research Lab Required.

Hardened: Hardened Rocket Launchers are especially resistant to damage from enemy ship Ammo reducing damage by 10-60%.
Level Lab Level
Cost Gold Upgrade Time Bonus Resist
1 2 200,000 4H 10%
2 2 400,000 8H 20%
3 3 750,000 18H 30%
4 4 1,000,000 1D & 12H 40%
5 5 1,500,000 2D 50%
6 5 2,000,000 2D & 6H 60%
Ice Breaker: Ice Breaker Rocket Launchers use super heated rockets to devastate enemy Ice Demons dealing 5-25% extra damage.
Level Lab Level
Cost Gold Upgrade Time Bonus Damage
1 4 500,000 1D 5%
2 4 750,000 1D & 8H 10%
3 5 1,250,000 1D & 16H 15%
4 5 1,750,000 2D 20%
5 6 ? ? 25%


Rocket Launcher cannot attack ground units, and as it is a defensive weapon, it is auto-targeted by Ninjas, Samurais, Ice Demons. From a different perspective, it is also extremely expensive, both to place and to upgrade. The total gold spent from placing one to upgrading it to level 6 (max) is 10,375,000! (Over 10 million)!

Countering StrategiesEdit

If your troops are all air troops, Big Shot is an option to destroy these rocket launchers so the air troops are a lot more deadly. If they have more than 3 Rocket Launchers, Use Ice Shot(s) to shut them down and let your air troops destroy these Rocket Launchers Raijin can tank a lot of damage from Rocket Launcher which allows air troops to take more time before Raijin dies. Another choice is to replace the Raijin with a high-level (20+) Oni. This may work a lot better, as then the Rocket Launcher can't attack the Oni. However, If they have more than 3 level 5+ Dragon Cannons, This won't work well at all.

Defensive StrategiesEdit

Keeping an Air Defense nearer to the middle of your kingdom is best because it will be harder to attack. As your base levels up, your opponents level up too. At a high level, most people will use flying troops, such as Ninjets, Ice Demons and even Healers. Before these troops can have much effect on your kingdom, a rocket launcher would be able to take them out. This why you should make it one of the hardest defensive buildings to take out. With the new Research that makes ninjets take less damage from rockets, upgrading rocket launchers can nullify the research otherwise it takes 2 shots to kill one ninjet which makes killing ninjets twice as long as ever.


  • Higher rocket launcher levels makes people think it is a space ship.

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