Ninja Kingdom Attack using Steam powered Tanks

Ninja Kingdom Attack using Steam powered Tanks

Tank attack (from Youtube)


These steam-powered tanks act as mobile seige engines, lobbing powerful mortar rounds on enemy buildings.

In game description


Last Checked: 2014-07-04

The tank launches cannonballs every 5 seconds and is one of the land troops with the most long (5 tiles) fire range. Edit

History Edit

Last Checked: 2014-07-04

In some days/months before July, 2014, the tank was once said to be a powerful battle machine which

  • Launches about 3 cannonballs per second (one shot per 0.3 seconds).
  • Is much stronger than a level 10 Oni, slightly stronger than a level 10 Taiho and just as strong as a level 10 Raijin.
  • Can blow up things in just seconds.

thus could perform like what the movie describes. However, this description about the power of the tank has been out-of-date.

Advantages Edit

Last Checked: 2014-07-04

  • Crushes walls instantly so they don't have to shoot walls. A tank takes about 5 seconds to crush 1 tile of wall (as revealed by a battle field experiment at 2014-07-05 02 UTC, while a tank crushing a tile of wall having 850-1000 health).
  • High health (at least 700)
  • Cannot be captured from Pit traps (This has not been tested since 2014-07-04)
  • Destroys the trap instantly without losing a tank (This has not been tested since 2014-07-04)


Last Checked: 2014-07-04

  • Too Expensive--9000 sushi at least
  • Too Large--A tank occupies 20 ships slots thus reduces your army size.
  • Gets focused by many towers at once
  • They move slow
  • attacks the closest building like most troops
  • Very low fire rate--Because the tabk fires per 5 seconds, a level 1 tank afflicts 10.1 damage per second which is a rate less than a level 3 kunai tower can do.
  • Can not be healed by a healer but a healer does fire her healing shots onto the tank--This is observed twice in 2014-07-04. This not only cause the tank to be weak but also may distract healers from healing other troops.


Last Checked: 2014-07-04

  • Use Taiho to increase their attack power from range aura


Health: 700

Damage: 51

Range: 5

Speed: 66

HNI 0005

Tank Lv1

Ship Slot: 20

Type: Ranged

Target: Closest

Training time: 15 minutes

Cost: 9000 sushi