Troop Portal lvl 1

lvl 1 Troop Portal

The Troop Portal is used to recieve help from your Friends in battle. After requesting Troops, your Friends can place up to 5 Troop Slots worth of units from their own Ships into the Troop Portal once every 24 hours. These Troops can be used as both offense and defense. The Troop Portal is originally damaged and must be Repaired before it can be used. each Friend may send the maximum worth of Troops, Troops such as the Ice Demon or Scorcher, which require more than 5 Slots, can't be sent through the Troop Portal.In level1/2.

Ammo  can not be sent through the Troop Portal, but can be recieved by using Jade.


  • Cost: Level Dependant
  • Health: Level Dependant
  • Size: 3x3
  • Damage: Troop Dependant
  • Range: 6
  • Target: Ground
  • Type: Single

  • Structure Type: Normal
  • Survivor Benefits: No
  • Note: Starts in a Damaged State
    Troop Portal Damaged

    A Damaged Troop Portal


Level Health









1 214 1,000 5m 5 None
Troop Portal lvl 1

lvl 1 Troop Portal




2,500 30m



Lvl 2
Troop Portal lvl 2

Lvl 2 Troop Portal




25,000 4H



Lvl 3
Troop Portal lvl 3

lvl 3 Troop Portal




100,000 12H



Lvl 4



400,000 2D



Lvl 5
HNI 0005-0

Level 5 Troop Portal

Uses in OffenseEdit

The Troop Portal, when it has any number of Troops stored in it, will appear in your line up of Troops when you attack an enemy Kingdom. It can be placed anywhere in the Deployment Zone that has at least 3x3 free spaces. Once placed, the Troops stored in it will leap out of the portal. They will act as if they were placed in the center of the 3x3 space for all intents and purposes of targeting structures.

Troops deployed from the Troop Portal during an offensive attack are lost at the end of the battle.

Uses in DefenseEdit

The Troop Portal can act as a defensive structure when your Kingdom is attacked. It has a range of 6 and if any enemy Troop enters its attack range it will immediately deploy the Troops contained inside. These troops will then attack any enemy Troop or Creature in the Kingdom. All Troops deployed in this manner target the nearest enemy Troop, and will continue to attack that Troop until one of them dies, or the battle ends.

Troops deployed from the Troop Portal during a defensive attack are lost at the end of the battle.


The Troop Portal when used in an offensive attack must have a 3x3 area of Deployment Zone. If there is no such space in the enemy Kingdom, the Troop Portal cannot be used.

Buying TroopsEdit

The Troop Portal can be filled by paying the Emperor Jade instead of asking for the assistance of your Friends. The first 3 times you buy Troops, you will recieve 5x Grunts for free. Afterward the price of filling the Troop Portal increases depending on the level of your Troop Portal.


Cost to fill (Jade)

1 10 Grunt x5
2 20 Grunt x10
3 30 Samurai x3
4 40 Ninjet x3, Ninja Lv3 x1
5 50

Troop Portal RewardsEdit

Each week you can recieve rewards from the Troop Portal if you meet certain requirements. If you send 200 Slots worth of Troops to Friends in the seven days, you will recieve a bonus 1,000 Gold Coins. If you send 250 slots worth of Troops, you will recieve 5 bonus Jade.

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