The Twister spins across the battlefield, drawing fire from all enemy defenses within range. The Twister spins until it's destroyed or timer runs out. If the timer runs out it detonates.

~ In-game description in 2014-11-12

  • The In-game description before 2014-10 claimed "The twister is invulnerable until it's timer runs out".


The seventh unit available from the Dojo and the only unit having a limited lifetime. The Twister is nearly invulnerable when it spins across a battle field.


  • Dojo Level Required: 7
  • Spin Time: Level Dependent
  • Damage: Level Dependent
  • Speed: Level Dependent
  • Ship slots: 10
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • Preferred Target: Defenses
  • Training Time: 10m
Level Spin Time Damage Speed Training Cost Research Cost Training Ground
Level Required
Upgrade Time
1 12s 5 130 4,000 - - -
2 15s 7 140 7,000? 1,000,000 6 3D
3 18s 10 150 9,000 3,000,000 7 6D
4 21s 14 160 11,500 4,000,000 9 9D


At least until 2014-11-11, a twister sometimes "freezes" (that is, stops spinning/moving but does not denotate/disappear) on the battle field and does not time out when it keeps "frozen" (not frozen by an Ice Tower/Demon/Trap). This phenomenon grants the attacker an unfair advantage because the frozen twister keeps attracting/distracting defense fire. Sometimes a "frozen" twister resumes spinning and counting down, however, sometimes it just lives until the end of the battle.


Ninja Kingdom - Twister Tester

Ninja Kingdom - Twister Tester

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